Engineering Consultancy

Hindle use their wealth of knowledge, years of experience and extensive insight into a a wide range of engineering disciplines to ensure that the advice and guidance given through our consultancy services is not only the right advice but the best advice for your business and your business needs. 

Whilst offering a wide rage of services Hindle don't physically manufacture engineering equipment so are able to offer completely impartial advice on purchasing, delivery pricing and much more. 

On site or off Hindle have the ability to help you in your decision making, your research,  procurement though to the management and the building of your project.  

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You can see the headlines of the services we offer to the right or, if your looking for some more in depth information and would like a chat about your specific requirements please call us on 01274 727 234

Feasibility Studies:

A thorough understanding of commercial and market factors, combined with an in depth knowledge of remanufacturing and production technology enables Hindle Engineering to offer expert advice.

Exporting a Wealth of Knowledge:

Hindle Engineering boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience covering a full range of engineering disciplines and is able to offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs.

Design and Engineering:

Hindle provides a full service for the detailed design and engineering necessary to ensure the total integration of processes, utility and support facilities, buildings and civil engineering.


Impartial advice can be given on purchasing with full consideration of delivery price, performance and spares availability as the Hindle Group does not manufacture engineering equipment.

Erection and Commissioning:

Hindle provides on site management to carry out civil engineering and building works, installation and commissioning of machinery, equipment and plant services.