External Gears


External gears can be supplied finish cut, shaved or ground

Ground Gears can be ground on one of three Reishauer CNC generating grinders or on our Hofler Rapid profile grinder

The Reishauer gear grinder produces a high quality gear and is ideal for batches from 10 to 20 off and up to and above 1000 off.

The Hofler Rapid is full CNC and uses the form grinding method of producing the tooth surface.

Software allows for optimisation of

  • Profile and lead modifications
  • Tip and root relief or crown
  • Parabolic blending
  • Controlled root grinding
  • Low twist grinding

The Hofler Rapid is especially suitable for grinding wind energy gears and marine gears with teeth up to 22 module and 1000mm diameter

Interested In External Gears?

Ton find out more or to talk through your specific Requirements please call us on 01274 727 234 to speak to one of our engineers.