Take a look at the sections below to get a better understanding of the Hindle Machine Capacities. 


Horizontal: Mori Seiki SL25, Okuma LB15, LB300, LB300, Mori Seiki SL65, SL35, Pittler 500 / 1500.
Max Turning Diameter (X) 650 mm
Max component width (Z) 790 mm
Spindle bore 160 mm

Vertical. HNK 14/16, Webster Bennett 60”, Diedesheim 80-22 (Duplex)
Max Turning Diameter (X) 1600 mm
Max component width (Z) 1200 mm
Max component weight 8000Kg
HNK, 12 Live Milling tools and 12 turning tools.



Lapoint HP20 9T/48”(Horizontal), Lapoint HP20 33T/72” (Horizontal),, Coventry TR10/36” (Vertical), B.S.A – T.M.7 (Vertical),
Horizontal: 72” Max stroke.
Vertical: 36” Max stroke.


Wire Cutting:

Charmilles Robofil 290F
X400, Y 250,U400, V250,
Max cutting width Z200 mm


Measuring Machines

Mitutoyo Crystal: X900, Y1000, Z800
Hofler Zeiss ZME 630 mm, gears measuring Machine
Klingelnberg P100 Gear Measurement Machine


Milling / Drilling

Horizontal: Okuma MX50 (40 tool) and MA50 (60 tool) 500, mm Twin Pallet Machining Centres
X700 mm, Y800 mm, Z700 mm
Fitted With Renishaw Probing

Vertical. Cincinnati FTV 840
X1830 mm, Y815 mm, Z800 mm
Fitted with Renishaw Probing


Gear Shaving

2-off Red Ring Shaving Machine.



External Grinding: Erfurt SA6U - 1500
Manual Grinding machine with in process measurement
Max work piece diameter 600 mm.
Max length 1500 mm

Internal Grinding: Cincinnati #3, Danobat 585B
Multi face CNC internal Grinding machine.
X 555 mm Dia, Z300
Max work head load 450 Kg

Multi-purpose Grinder : Hans Sielemann RFUBR130 (Vertical)
Manual Grinder with Heidenhain scales
Internal / External /Snow
Table 1300 mm

Centreless: Cincinnati 20M:
120 mm Max dia.
Max component length 200 mm

Thread Grinding
Manual Grinding machine.
340 mm Max Diameter.
750 mm Max Length.

Spline Grinding: Matrix S10 Spline Grinder
Manual Grinding machine.

Gear Cutting

Hobbing: Leibherr L901, Pfauter 180, Pfauter 400, Pfauter 630
Module 10 Max
900 mm Max work piece diameter
370 mm Max face width
Maximum length of work Piece 820 mm
Helix angle 0-45

Shaping: Internal: Lorenz LS630 (fitted with 180 mm raiser block), Sykes V400, Sykes 3C, MAAG sH100
Shaping: External
Module 10 Max
630 mm Max work piece diameter
250 mm Max face width

Shaping: Internal: Lorenz LS630
Module 10 Max
750 mm Max work piece diameter
200 mm Max face width


Gear Grinding:

Generative: Reishauer RZ400, RZ362A, RZ361S, RZ301
Module 0.5 – 8
400 mm Tip Dia
300 mm face width
Helix angle 0-45
Max grindable weight 300Kg 

Form: Hofler Rapid 1000
Module 1 to 18 Approx.
50mm Root Diameter – 1000 mm Tip Diameter.
650 mm face width
Helix angle 0- 45
Max grindable weight 1500Kg