The Hindle Group

Hindle Group based in Bradford, West Yorkshire on a 22,000 sq.m site comprises of 2 divisions involved with gears & gearbox manufacture, engine component remanufacture/manufacture and distributors for engine parts.

The business formed in the 1930’s to serve remanufacturing components has not lost its roots and today we still remanufacture with the addition of manufacture too. We specialise in gear manufacture and all other general engineering. We have a UK partnership distribution with Interstate McBee for the supply of aftermarket engine parts.

Our Clients and Partners

Hindle Gears

Hindle Gears was established in the 1930’s and produces external gears, internal gears, shafts, gearboxes and more. Like its sister company it has built a reputation for delivering quality engineered products. The on-going capital investment program ensures a place at the forefront of manufacturing technology, producing gears and allied power transmission components to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of established and new markets. Hindle Gears has facilities in the UK and China with customers who are predominately international both civil and military.

In 2006 Hindle Gears UK opened its China factory, this is a wholly owned manufacturing facility based in Yantai China. This gives us unequalled access to competitively priced materials and labour at the highest quality levels.

Hindle Reman

Hindle Reman established in 1930’s remanufacturing axles for commercial vehicles. We have the engineering skills and advanced machinery to offer wear part and engine component repair services. We remanufacture used components to meet OEM specifications, as well as manufacturing small batches of new components for the industrial and oil & gas markets. Our engineering capabilities are complemented by our responsive aftermarket parts supply service, offering an extensive range of components for all engine types.